Odin Slot By Edict

Somewhat undergrounded, Edict Gaming have always seemed to be a but underrated, though it has nothing to do with bad-quality products. So probably the right time finally came for you to set the ball rolling and get to know a developing online provider from Germany with decent records, fine slot machines and poetic directions. What Edict enjoy the most is to borrow something historical or publicly popular, then come up with a perfect formula to arrange things and then live out a picture full of pleasant moments. Odin Slot partially confirms a particular inclination toward bygone history which has a strong appeal to gambling audience – this Edict machine revolves around Norse mythology that used to be incredibly sought-after a while ago.


Along with Egyptian and Chinese titles, Nordic culture, despite being more imaginary rather than a post factum issue, owns large crowds of fans, and sometimes gives a fresh gulp of air amidst all these cliched pyramids and myriads of red ribbons. To take a trial bite on Odin and his legacy, here is a link where you can stake with virtual credits for free – http://slotmine.com/odin/. Odin Game is actually not the first attempt at drawing attention to Scandinavian matters – Edict have previously released a couple more, but there was something troublesome, so none of them could dart into success just as flawlessly as Odin did. However, one may not claim that Odin is the strongest entry in the catalogue – some options seem catchier in terms of visuals and gameplay. Anyway, Odin flourishes and excels, even without having crystal-clear graphics.



Edict Gaming are Germans to the bone, so they have a different vision on the theme as compared with other developers. While some studios purposefully concentrate on tremendous impression to leave on gamblers, Edict stick to the truth. Unlike Thunderstruck II, Odin Slot does not boast imagery of some doomed mountains and lightnings flying all around, but instead it welcomes gamblers to go for a walk across a placid forest with high grass and vivid trees – however, you can recognize some snowy mountains in the far background. By this representation Edict show that Odin was not some kind of almighty psycho with a definite wish to maim and maul – he was simply a superpowered man just like everyone else and enjoyed a lovely company of girls, pints of beer and resting under the sun.


Edict’s Slot Constant


Predictably, but Edict had no aim to revolutionize the market with Odin – they again followed their previously successful formula and applied all the same ingredients to cook their piece of gaming. So if you are familiar with their gambling products, you might instantly make out that green button with a card on it which appears when any winning combination brings rewarding. Basically, Odin is powered with frequently featured Gamble Game that can be found in every second Edict’s slot machine. Activated as soon as players are lucky to fish out a prize during the base game, Gamble Feature comes to make an offer – to gamble or not to gamble. You may refuse, though, but there is more than just option to refuse before calling it quits.


Card Gamble

Ladder Gamble

That’s the real classics. You win a sum of credits from the reels and now choose to place it as a wager in a 50/50 game with cards. Card Gamble provides odds roughly to be estimated to ‘one to two’, so chances are high. If you get the next color of the card right, your wager is doubled. If you take a wrong step, say goodbye to your wager. Give or take, slot primes.

Another riskier option to go for is Ladder Gamble. No cards, no colors to guess, just a ladder with randomly popping lights. Your objective is to climb up the ladder to reach the highest prize. ‘One to one’ is the first step, but then things get more tricky. When you fail to climb and get lowered to the bottom, the game is forced to quit and your wager becomes history.



Lock, Stock And Freespins


In total, Odin Slot is ready to show off with three features – two are reserved for the base game while the last one goes to the bonus department. By the look on the screen, this feature ‘abundance’ comes clear: Odin Slot does not mean to be the top of the neighborhood, it just wants gamblers to have a good time around, and this package pretty suffice for that. Gamblers are going to make use of some Scatters, a bunch of Wildcards and an additional random feature with multipliers. And won’t you ever forget that Odin Slot has fabulous Gamble Game which compensates for such a narrowed diversity.




Shield Symbol speaks for itself – it protects your wallet from going in the red. In general, Shields act as replacers that are able to refine combinations on the reels to a better ending: when a Wild pops up and there is a winning combo nearby, it attaches itself to it and becomes one more matching symbols from the pattern. Wildcards have a little bit of coin rewarding within. A touchy move.



Next up are Fire Bowl – Scatters that can furiously walk through the reels and fetch prizes for just appearing during the game. You have to manage to catch three Bowl to initiate a beautiful act of spinning for free  - Odin Slot offers an exchange rate of 3 Scatters to 10 rounds. The latter could be reactivated with the same set.


Plank Feature


At last, here comes Planks. The first reel has a big-time mission to house special symbols that can trigger amazingly lavish spins. However, Plank Spins are not exactly freespins in nature because there are just two of them and they are played on special conditions. First off, get lucky to collect three Planks on the reel 1 and then get even luckier to catch Wilds in the next rounds – both Planks and Wilds are going to be tied to their positions until you run out of spins.


Choose Your Stake


With 20 paylines in the layout, Odin Slot appears to be extremely generous when it comes to staking. Bets scatter from 0.10 credits to 10 credits at max which makes Odin a penny option, tamable for low-rolling gamblers. Nevertheless, ones with large budgets could feel a little confined because there is not chance to jump higher. But in any case, it allows to go for a long time without bothering about your bankroll.


Old-Fashioned, But Exciting


Regarding Edict’s cabinet, Odin Slot can be deemed as one of the most brilliant creations of all ever created earlier. The machine nails the right realistic atmosphere and sticks to credible payouts, not to mention affordable stakes.

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